Eye on History

Eva’s Publications

  • Eye On History: is a compilation of the most popular columns written by author Eva M. Doyle with such titles as Before Columbus, The Black Madonna, the Black Saint of Germany, From Africa to Spain, Black Egypt, The Black Knights, and so much more.
  • Jambo, Let’s Count: teaches children how to count in Kiswahili from one to ten. It includes African-centered pictures for children to color.
  • Jambo, Let’s Count Again: teaches children how to count in Kiswahili from eleven to twenty. It also includes African-centered pictures for children to color.
  • Buffalo’s Black Community: is both a book for youth and adults that traces the early history of Buffalo beginning with the first Black man to settle in Buffalo New York.
  • The African Symbols on the Dollar Bill: Hidden in Plain Sight: examines the little known facts about the dollar bill in general and the symbols that are connected to African History.
  • Warren Gamaliel Harding: One of America’s Black Presidents: introduces some of the American Presidents before Barack Obama with African American ancestry. The book focuses on President Warren G. Harding but also identifies other Black Presidents.
  • Teaching Children How to Write Through the Use of Contests
  • Celebrating Kwanzaa in Buffalo
  • Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Read, Learn, and Remember
  • The African Roots of Ludwig Van Beethoven

Eva’s Lectures

  • The Five Black Presidents
  • The Lone Black Family on the Titanic
  • The African Roots of Beethoven
  • Alexander Pushkin: Black Russian Poet
  • Black Indians
  • The Black Woman in the Lincoln White House
  • Blacks in the California Gold Rush
  • The African Burial Ground in New York City
  • The Black Hockey League of Nova Scotia, 1895-1925
  • The Black West